Kim Kardashian Is Denying This Picture Is Clearly Photoshopped

Kim Kardashian Instagram


Last week, Kim Kardashian posted this now infamous butt selfie on Instagram where she posed with Blac Chyna and subtly wanted you to know that she was better than you with feigned humility and a complete lack of understanding how technology works. Mostly because she was so quick to post the pic that she forgot to have E! double check the Photoshop work of the Chinese orphans that work for Kris Jenner making those leopard print pants at K-Mart, and now this whole thing has turned into a shitshow. Naturally, Kim is denying this pic has been altered in any way, because we shouldn't have the audacity to think that she or her family would do anything to manipulate the media. So, I guess it's up to you what you choose to believe. Either this pic was obviously Photoshopped or Kim's closet door is Stargate and a gateway to another dimension and time. Take a seat, think on it. I know this might be a difficult decision to make.