Gretchen Weiners Got Married

Lacey Chabert Instagram


Mean Girls' star Lacey Chabert got married last month but only revealed she was married on Friday. Nobody knew she was engaged or even had a longtime boyfriend. His name and identity are still not public knowledge. MTV News reports:

Actress Lacey Chabert announced on Friday (January 3) that she had married her boyfriend over the holidays. "I'm starting off 2014 as a Mrs!" she tweeted. "Over the holidays, my best friend & love of my life…we became husband & wife! #soblessed #love." Chabert tied the knot in late December, revealing the life change only today. She posted a picture of herself in her gown hugging her maid of honor, sister Crissy.

Well, that's certainly one way to do it. After hearing the news, Kris Jenner walked along the beach at sunset with her hands in her pockets kicking sea shells and staring into the vastness of the ocean. "I..I…just don't understand," she wrote in the sand.


pic source = Instagram