This Picture Beyonce Posted Went Over Well



So…Beyonce posted the above pic on Instagram on New Years Eve depicting her in the center of The Last Supper. Covering up Jesus. Guess how that went over? Hint: not good. UNLEASH THE CRAZY!!

@beyonce You are so disrespectful!!! I will be praying for U!!! U ARE NOT JESUS!!!!! Smh [shaking my head]Jesus is the truth, and the light…John 14:6 [sic].”


Straight up blasphemy, she (intentionally) posted this for millions upon millions to see…. @altajo3 #stayinginthewordoftheLord!!! A spiritual war is going on RIGHT now!!! Everything is happening right before our eyes, & those who choose to be blinded & not see it, well, thats their choice~ Everyone can't be saved! And for those who are in denial about pictures like this, I pray for all of you ♥♥♥


I'm a fan but I don't like this. If you're not a Christian don't disrespect those who are. Sure you don't care. Lost respect


In her interviews she repeatedly claimed to be a Christian so for her to take a pic like this, of course Christians are upset. It is very disrespectful and of poor taste. She is always so deliberate about the image she portrays so she had to have some idea of this impact


#Classless #noclass #disrespectful

Actually, this pic makes more sense, because when they came to arrest Jesus after dinner with friends, they had to actually point him out, because apparently all Jew dudes with beards and sandals look the same. Roman soldiers would have probably wanted to pose for pictures with Beyonce first. Beyonce's pretty famous. For real. Look her up.