Beyonce Spent $38K At A Wal-Mart This Weekend



I guess arriving at the number by taking the median income of the people who shop there. Beyonce spent $38,000 in a Massachusetts Wal-Mart this weekend by giving every customer in the store a $50 gift card. USA Today reports:

The superstar stopped by a Tewksbury, Mass., Walmart on Friday night, where she greeted fans and did a little holiday shopping. In her cart? A copy of her new self-titled album and a baby doll for Blue Ivy. Queen Bey even got on the store's loudspeaker and offered to pay the first $50 of every customer's holiday shopping. "It's Beyoncé! And I stopped by the store today because my record has arrived," she said. "I want to give everyone a gift. For everyone in the store right now, the first $50 of your holiday gifts are on me. Merry, merry Christmas from Beyoncé!" The store handed out a total of 750 $50 gift cards enclosed within envelopes that read, "Happy Holidays from Beyoncé."

Ugh, typical liberal with their handouts to poor people. Chuck Norris didn't write the Constitution in Geronimo's blood for shit like this. What a disgrace. She's friends with Obama, so you know this just more of his socialist propaganda designed to make people dependent on high profile celebrities to pay for their kid's Christmas presents. What's next? Customers marrying Iron Man toys?! They probably spent that $50 on Wal-Mart wine! You're not fooling anybody!  And Beyonce is black! How did she even get that money?! Probably stole it from a small business! WAKE UP SHEEPLE!


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