‘The Daily Show’ Ethered Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly


Nothing gets white people more enraged than when their xenophobic propaganda they've tried so hard to inculcate and ingrain in your mind gets called out, so it's really no surprised that Fox News host Megyn Kelly lost her mind yesterday responding to a Slate article that called Santa Claus' pure Aryan bloodline into question. It doesn't matter that the real Saint Nicholas was Turkish, and that Jesus was the first Galien Jew who spoke Aramaic and had to be pointed out at the Last Supper to have flowing blond hair and blue eyes because he was created in Christianity's white God's image, THESE FICTIONAL PEOPLE ARE WHITE. WHY CAN'T THEY JUST BE WHITE LIKE OPRAH OR TED CRUZ?! Nothing I can say here will be better than what Jon Stewart had to say last night, so take it away, Jon.