Beyonce Dropped An Entire Album On iTunes Last Night

Beyonce Album


In what historians will later call the real Black Friday, Beyonce released her fifth solo album on iTunes a few minutes before midnight last night without any PR, hype, or warning, causing the Internet to chew off its own wrists while they waited for it to download. For $15.99, you get 14 new tracks, 17 full length videos, and the reassurance that things can still be a surprise. LA Times reports:

As the West Coast was tucking into bed Thursday night, the singer rolled out one of the best-kept secrets in recent music history: the album she’s spent the past year teasing was now available for purchase on iTunes. The self-titled set comes as a “visual album” featuring 14 new tracks and 17 music videos. It's currently available as an iTunes exclusive. Manufacturing of physical albums begins Thursday and a double disc CD/DVD will be available before the holidays, according to her label. Working with Jay Z, Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams, Drake, the Dream, Sia, Ryan Tedder, Miguel, Frank Ocean and Hit Boy, the singer churned out her most ambitious project to date, without ever actually saying she was putting out an album any time soon.

To recap, Beyonce recorded an entire album, shot 17 videos, then released it last night without leaks or marketing. In comparison, Anchorman 2 hasn't even come out yet and they've been promoing it since 1996.