Jennifer Lawrence Faked A Meltdown Because She’s Just So Quirky, You Guys


During her recent press tour to promote Battle Royale: Catching Fire, Jennifer Lawrence has gone to great lengths to let everybody know she's crazy. But since she has blonde hair and famous and people think she's attractive, we are calling it "quirky" and "eccentric". Much like how Tom Brady is "passionate" yet Dez Bryant is an "immature thug". Anyway, during the red carpet premiere in NYC of her movie about murdering children, Lawrence pretended to have a meltdown by screaming at photographers. If you've been to any red carpet event or seen any red carpet event or heard about any red carpet event, you know what the photographers are doing here is pretty standard and normal. But OMG U GUYZ SHE TOTALLY TURNED THE TABLES ON THEM! She screamed at the photographers who were screaming at every single person who walked down the carpet! Haha, I'll bet they'll think twice next time!