Thank You, Candice Swanepoel And Your Instagram

Candice Swanepoel Instagram


The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is a holiday here at IDLYITW, so I apologize if my posting physical perfection in lingerie offends you. It's the War On Lingerie that tries to persecute Christians for their belief in Jesus. Ooops, sorry. Wrong stupid rant about make believe wars, you know, even though Jesus said you should be happy about being persecuted not bitching about it so shut up please. Thanks. Anyway, here's Candice Swanepoel backstage in the VS Fantasy Bra. She also posted this pic, just to let you know that you can "eat a sandwich" and still look good, because exercise. I know that's a fairly new concept here in America. Lots of people are fat here probably because of the gays and abortions and that one time a black guy married a white woman. Satan is all around you people! WAKE UP!


pic source = Instagram