Kate Upton Is Gonna Be In The ‘Entourage’ Movie

Kate Upton


If you're excited about the new Entourage movie, you're the reason why eugenics and forced sterilization are still a thing, but just in case you were wondering if the female lead wouldn't be obvious, sorry. It's Kate Upton. Maybe she'll bring some Hot Pockets or some sunglasses when somebody dies.

Kate Upton is being eyed for the female lead in the “Entourage” movie, multiple individuals familiar with the Warner Bros. project have told TheWrap. Though Upton has not been formally offered the role yet, she is in early discussions to join the cast, according to sources. While a representative for the swimsuit model-turned-actress has denied that any such talks are under way, they acknowledge that there was interest in Upton for the project earlier this year. Warner Bros. had no comment….Details of Upton’s potential role are being kept under wraps, though she could be playing the latest love interest of movie star Vincent Chase (Grenier), who always had a thing for curvy blondes.

So, if Kate is in the movie, that means she'll be playing herself. Man, that'll be some gripping cinema. I wonder if she'll win an Oscar for playing a dumb chick with huge tits who doesn't work out because filming 150 commercials a day doesn't really give her enough time to go to the gym. But when she retires at 25 to marry an Italian billionaire (not before getting pregnant because $$$$) she'll probably start doing yoga or something. Can't wait for the DVDs.