Lindsay Lohan Got Drunk At A Bar, Started A Fight, Refused To Leave

Lindsay Lohan Bar Fight


Hey, remember when Lindsay Lohan went on Oprah and said she was completely sober and is surrounding herself with positive people? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA New York Daily News reports:

Last Monday, LiLo hit Sing Sing Karaoke bar with a gaggle of girlfriends on Avenue A in the East Village, where she proceeded to start a verbal fight and refused to leave at closing, planting herself at the bar until almost 6 a.m., multiple sources tell Confidenti@l. Hanging with a male model type with a blond bob and a handful of gal pals, including one named Rush, the group (not LiLo herself) ordered a bottle of Jameson that they quickly polished off. Lohan was overheard saying she hadn’t had a drink. “Lindsay was chain-smoking,” our tipster says. “She walked in sober and she left looking tired.” The night took a turn for the worse when a customer overheard LiLo get into a “disturbance” with a staffer, as she begged to keep the bar open past closing and was acting “insanely belligerent.”  When asked to leave, Lohan called the cops, claiming staffers had locked her in the private karaoke room. The NYPD showed up, but no one bothered to file a report. When Lohan and the group finally left, staffers found their private karaoke room littered with trash and empty bottles. Lohan, scared that news of her late-night antics would leak, had two pals return the next day to smooth things over with Sing Sing staff. One employee confirmed that Lohan, now living in SoHo, has become a regular at the joint.

This article pretty much goes out of its way to say Lindsay isn't drinking, but what is she reaching for here? A script? Cory Monteith is getting more scripts than Lindsay Lohan.


pic source = Instagram