Miley Cyrus Has Had A Boyfriend Since The Summer

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Rolling Stone gave Bangerz 3 1/2 stars. This will make sense once you read this. Huffington Post reports:

A source confirms to The Huffington Post that the 20-year-old singer is dating photographer Theo Wenner, who is both Liv Tyler's ex and the son of Rolling Stone magazine owner Jann Wenner. But here's the kicker: The source tells HuffPost Celeb that Cyrus and Wenner, 26, have been dating since he photographed her for her Rolling Stone cover this past summer. And If you recall, Cyrus posed nude for that photo shoot — which isn't anything out of the ordinary for Miley Cyrus. But if Wenner and Cyrus have been dating since the summer, it means Cyrus and Hemsworth broke up much earlier than they claimed. The last time Hemsworth and Cyrus were seen in public together was on Aug. 9 for the premiere of Hemsworth's film "Paranoia." Reports that Cyrus was dating Wenner first popped up after she hosted "Saturday Night Live" on Oct. 5, and sources told RadarOnline she left the show's after-party early to meet up with Wenner.

There's been a lot of stories about who Miley Cyrus is dating, but I really don't believe any of them. Mostly because she's a famous black person now so we all know she's really dating an Asian.