Quentin Tarantino Won’t Leave Christina Aguilera Alone

Christina Aguilera


It's not really a secret that Quentin Tarantino is one of the biggest freaks in Hollywood who even Rex Ryan thinks his foot fetish is kinda weird, so of course with the world being filled with hot women, Tarantino is apparently obsessed with Christina Aguilera. Did that last sentence make any sense? Sorry, it's early. Use your critical thinking skills to translate. 4 Music reports:

Quentin Tarantino has reportedly been "hitting up" Christina Aguilera with constant work opportunities. The film director is long known to have considered Uma Thurman, who starred in his Kill Bill franchise, as his muse. It seems he is now ready to move on and is adamant Christina is his biggest source of inspiration. He apparently became particularly interested in her after she showed off her slimmer frame a few months ago. "He's been hitting her up with e-mails and scripts for movies, plus calling her loads and even writing her letters," an insider told Heat magazine.The 32-year-old singer is no stranger to the big screen having starred alongside Cher in 2010's Burlesque. Although she would love to revisit movies, she is said to be questioning Quentin's motives. "Christina doesn't want to offend him and she's open to more acting opportunities. But she's worried that he may have a crush on her, so at this point it's gotten kind of creepy," the source explained. Top of Christina's list of concerns is said to be the way the film director wants to discuss future projects. "Quentin doesn't seem to care. He has all these projects he wants to discuss with her, but when she asks him to come to her office, he suggests dinner. Christina would love to be Tarantino's muse, but she is not going to bother if it comes with strings attached," the insider explained.

This story kinda seems like bullshit, but it's Quentin so you never really know. He could be asking her to play a Vegas singer who fights werewolf Nazis, or he could be trying to pitch a documentary about her feet.