Nina Dobrev Really Wants You To Get Health Insurance

Nina Dobrev Instagram


There's been a lot of debate about the Affordable Care Act recently, but I prefer to listen to hot chicks who take off their tops than old white dudes who hate vaginas. Take it away, Nina Dovbrev with this picture you posted on Instagram:

"Im Canadian. We have healthcare for all. If you dont have insurance go and #GetCovered, because w/o it, youre naked."

People on Facebook tell me that Obamacare will strip away my freedoms and turn America into a socialist utopia guarded by Ilumunati globalist cyborgs created by Obama in a secret lab from the DNA of Stalin that he keeps in the vial around his neck. They also told me yesterday that mentally ill woman driving around Washington yesterday then being shot was just another insidious plot by our tyrannical government to take away our guns and Bibles and force us to watch Bravo. I agree, because nothing says a malicious dictator more than passing a law to give poor people health insurance. I'm not a license physician, but I think a pot brownie with the actual definition of socialism written on it would help a lot of people.


Pic source = Instagram