Miley Cyrus Wants You To Believe She’s Pregnant With Juicy J’s Baby

Miley Cyrus Juicy J


Even though the rumor that Miley Cyrus got knocked up by Juicy J is fake, Miley Cyrus is okay with you believing that she is because she's a starved attention whore whose father didn't hug her enough. Hollywood Life reports:

After a new report claimed that Miley and rapper Juicy J announced that they are expecting a baby together at the BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta on Sept. 29, a source tells us Miley is not upset by the rumors — in fact, she’s ‘embracing’ them!…But she’s not letting the reports about her alleged pregnancy with Juicy J — whom she teamed up with for her new single “23″ — get her down. She’s “embracing it rather than getting upset over it,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “She is not worried about the rumors and will definitely allow them to continue as it gets her name out and she has an album to sell,” the source reveals. “So, no news is bad news!”

I take back everything I said about Miley. She is a trailblazer. Because I'm almost positive that this is the first time that a rich, white girl from Tennesse is actively perpetuating a rumor that she's pregnant with a black guy's kid.



Pic source = Instagram