Lindsay Lohan Is Already Single

Less than a week after ex-NFL Matt Nordgren confirmed he was dating Lindsay Lohan, they'll already broke up. Us Magazine reports:

"Their work schedules and the distance just make dating impossible," the source says of the Canyons actress, 27, and the clean-cut Texan, 30. "He really likes and respects her. He thinks she is back on top, emotionally and physically." If she is, he may be part of the reason why. Insiders told Us last week that Nordgren — a former quarterback for the University of Texas and the Philadelphia Eagles — was a good influence on Lohan, who recently completed a court-ordered stint in rehab. "He's older, a successful businessman, and he has been a great friend to her," one source told Us. "He's also a Christian and won't drink around her. He's trying to keep her sober and on the straight and narrow. He's really good for her."

Yeah, their "work schedules". Ok, bro. Lindsay is probably off right now filming a move with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lawrence, and "successful businessman" means after washing out of the NFL after one year and trying to regain fame on a reality show, he crawled back to the family business then started a "consulting firm" because he dad let him have a hobby. It's obvious why this never worked out. These two are just way too busy, you guys.