Miley Cyrus Is Single Because She’s All About Female Empowerment

Since Liam Hemsworth has already plowed through January Jones and and is now banging this while Miley Cyrus was too busy begging people to get her the Vevo record on YouTube, Cyrus' PR machine has barely had time to push their narrative on why the two have split. So here it is: Miley Cyrus was just too strong and sexy for Thor's brother. Got it. HollywoodLife reports:

“Miley’s all about empowerment and having a strong sexy image, so being with a guy that’s not willing to be there for her publicly and stand by her looks really bad,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. That’s totally understandable — we can only imagine Miley’s heartbreak as the whole world applauds and watches her every move — except for the one person she wants attention and love from the most. “Miley’s telling everyone it’s over for good this time. She’s been trying for so long to fix things with Liam but it just doesn’t seem like Liam’s willing to fight for her and she doesn’t see why she should be the one putting in all the effort,” the source continues. “They fight so much and it’s been taking a huge toll on her, all the drama and the negativity is not good for her health. And it’s terrible for her career!”

Yes, that's it. It's the drama and negativaty of the man who asked her to marry him, and not the fact that she can't seem to keep her tongue or bony ass out of everybody's face. Miley is a strong woman who gives rim jobs to teddy bears and swings naked on wrecking ball. If Liam can't handle that, then well, he's just not a real man. Miley is a black lesbian now who drops molly in the club, so if Liam can't commit to that forever, he doesn't deserve her. I mean, if you can't love an American embarrassment with daddy issues who is under the delusion that she musical icon who breaks new ground with the hood pass her label bought her, then you just don't understand love.