Liam Hemsworth Is Smooth With The Ladies

When you're engaged to Miley Cyrus, at some point you realize you've made a horrific mistake and are left with no choice put to cheat. So of course Liam Hemsworth has been banging January Jones (how you doin'?) because she is an ice queen with no soul who has babies with married men. And apparently it doesn't take much for her to wring her panties out. Us Weekly reports:

"January thinks Liam is so sexy," a pal told Us of Jones, 35, a single mom to son Xander, 2. And the feeling is clearly mutual: Earlier this summer, the clean-cut Paranoia star sent Jones a graphic, sexual text message. "I want to [expletive] you," it read, in part.

Oh, I see how it is. I tell Ashley Greene the same thing and lawyers get involved. She's probably racist.