Jessica Biel Changed Her Name To Jessica Timberlake

Doing her part to contribute to the evil patriarchy, Jessica Biel has officially changed her name to Jessica Timberlake. Life & Style reports:

Eleven months after marrying Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel has officially taken her man's last name. "It's all official!" a source tells Life & Style. "The paperwork is done and she's now legally Jessica Timberlake."

She'll still be known as Jessica Biel professionally, so this is strictly a proactive move for the eventual divorce proceedings when she states "irreconcilable differences". The only difference after the divorce being is that she'll have a lot more money and an extra check every month. How long must the patriachy grind its boot heel into the faces of our women? How long must we sit back and watch this happen? Diamond engagement rings are an archaic and oppressive symbol of a man's ownership of a woman started by a jewelry company who have the blood of millions of African children on their hands. We should ban them forever to show women that we truly see them as our equal haha lol you bitches got nervous there for a second. Love you!