Shenae Grimes Wants Miley Cyrus To “Bath Twice, Put Some Clothes On”

I'm not gonna sit here and pretend I know who Shenae Grimes is (a black female detective on Law & Order maybe?), but apparently she isn't a fan of Miley Cyrus and her video for "Wrecking Ball". I mean, I guess that's what she meant on Twitter.

"WTF is up with Miley's new music video? I mean, I don't know the girl but if I did I'd demand she bath twice, put some clothes on and give her a big hug…looks like she needs it."

Because I guess he wanted a blowjob that night, Grimes' husband, Josh Beech, also chimed in with his thoughts. E! Online reports:

"Miley doesn't leave much to the imagination in new video…Sledge hammer licking, naked on a wrecking ball and what seems to be a camel toe…. Pretty much sums up most 20 somethings saturday nights out doesn't it!!!!!!??????? "

I don't have time to get into why a grown man would use that much punctuation. Tone it down there, bro. Your thong is showing.  But anyway, these guys are gonna feel pretty stupid once they realize this soing is about Billy Ray Cyrus. What? You guys didn't know?


So, who wants to see Miley Cyrus lick a sledgehammer and secrete on a wrecking ball? Fantastic! Here you go!