Miley Cyrus Says She Has ‘So Many F***ing Issues’, Guys

Guys, Miley Cyrus has issues. How many issues could you possibly have when you live in a gated community in Toluca Lake? Let's find out! Starpulse reports:

The 'We Can't Stop' hitmaker – who recently shocked fans with her racy performance at the MTV Video Music Awards last weekend – admitted she has "issues" and struggles taking much-needed breaks from work. Speaking to the Sunday People newspaper, she said: "I'm messed up … I have so many f***ing issues. "I am so f***ed up – everyone does dumb stuff when they are messed up. "I don't have a normal life. I take a hiatus every now and again but I'm not good at that." The 20-year-old star rose to fame with the lead role in 'Hannah Montana' – but she claimed she was never like the clean-cut character she portrayed on the Disney Channel show. She explained: "During 'Hannah Montana' I think people knew I was acting. I've never been able to hide anything, a bit like Justin Bieber. Others who have been on kids' shows try to act like their characters – but I'm not like that. "I never pretended I was as good as the Disney Channel writes … You will be amazed at some of the notes I got … It's crazy. But they can't make ­people not grow up."

Oh, Jesus. Can she shut up? Just shut up. It's easy to shit on the thing that made you famous when you can fall into the pile of money it made you if your new "image" doesn't work out like you expected. The only issue you have is which color Maybach you want to drive every morning and an apparent fear of squats. You didn't make history at the VMAs, you have no ass to be twerking, and your tongue fetish is starting to get a little creepy. People were talking about your performance because it was what we all expected, a self-loathing, priviliged, white girl trying to be hardcore and sexy two years after she was cutting promos for the Disney Channel by rimming a teddy bear's butthole. It was a contrived and awkward attempt at a Madonna. You'll always be Hannah Montana. And twerking won't change the fact your dad had a mullet tucked his jeans into his white leather Reeboks. Now go do some heroin and get back to us.