Kelly Brook Did A Music Video

Kelly Brook Instgram


I have no clue who Lawson, but apparently it's an English band where all the member look the same and haven't came out of the closet yet. Nice vest, bro. Anyway, they wrote a song called "Juliet" and put Kelly Brook in the video so she can reiterate the fact that she's been Jessica Rabbit this whole time. She's also single now. I've written letters but I haven't heard anything back yet. She's probably just busy.




Since YouTube shows you other videos you might like, here's Kelly Brook speaking in a body spray ad thing. If my math is correct, it's Kelly Brook's rack + Kelly Brook's rack = the top of her head looking like a blowhole of a doplhin if I ever had sex with her. I would show my work, but this is a family site.


Image source = Instagram