Farrah Abraham Is Gonna Play A Prostitute On ‘Days Of Our Lives’

Having already played a teen mom with a bastard kid and a porn chick who specializes in ATM, Farrah Abraham is now scratching "hooker" off her How Can I Make Women Look At Bad As Possible With Every Demeaning Stereotype list that I assume she carries around with her.  Hopefully everybody on the Days of Our Lives set can autograph it for her scrapbook. Hollywood Life reports:

Farrah Abraham has reportedly been offered a part on Days of Our Lives as a hooker, but the soap opera's cast worries she may tarnish its reputation…Farrah was reportedly asked to play prostitute named Destiny in the iconic NBC daytime drama after she sent producers some homemade audition tapes. Those videos impressed show-runners, which isn't too surprising, given the success of Backdoor Teen Mom and her sugar daddy website experience…Says an insider: "Farrah initially wanted one of the lead roles, but she's not a seasoned actress, so she auditioned for the role of a hooker named Destiny." Some of the cast and crew are upset, however. Their view is that "a popular show that's been on the air for 50 years" doesn't need to "use a ridiculous ploy like Farrah's name to get viewers.''

Apparently if you say anything derogatory about Farrah Abraham you're an evil misogynist who slut shames poor victims of the patriarchy, but can't we all agree this chick is a ho? We can all agree on that, right? This episode and her porn are just gonna be used as a mixtape for those dudes kidnapped Liam Neeson's daughter. Taken has to be a very confusing movie for her. "Like, why is she crying? I don't get it", she would probaby ask.