Beyonce Spent $2,261 On Chicken At Nando’s

Beyonce Chicken


Beyonce has been in the news this week for two things: weaves and eating chicken. Ratchet knows no socioeconmic class. Daily Mail reports:

Superstar Beyonce got staff at an Essex chicken restaurant in a flap when she ordered over £1,400 worth of food from them. The food from Nando's in Chelsmford was for the singer and her entourage after she performed as the headline act at the V Festival in Hylands Park in the town on Saturday night. According to an apparent copy of the order posted on Twitter, it was made by telephone for takeaway and included 58 wing platters, 48 whole chickens, 12 veggie burgers, 24 coleslaws and 24 rice dishes – totalling £1,444.10.

"Weaves & Chicken ft. Jay Z and Kendrick Lamar" should be a huge hit for Beyonce. I have an idea for the video: her in a leotard with two girls behind her copying her every move. Haha, bet she's never thought of that before! You're welcome, Beyonce!