Katy Perry Has A New Song Called ‘Roar’. It Leaked. It Sucks


Proving that you really only need huge boobs and an expertly crafted image to become and maintain a famous person, Katy Perry is still somehow allowed to release albums even though her "music" sounds like something a 14-year old girl would put out on YouTube. Her lyrics are just random shit that rhymes and her voice wouldn't even make it inside the building at an American Idol audition. But again, because of boobs, she's releasing a new album and the first track "Roar" has already leaked. In the song, she wants you to know that she's a lion and won't take it anymore, but with way more rudimentary lyrics and beats by Fisher-Price My First Studio. Just to fully drive the point home how bad this song is, the chorus includes the words "I have the eye of the tiger" then she says roar like Tony the Tiger was a consultant on the track.