Kanye West Is Ariel Castro Basically

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Daughter Birth


According to sources (Kris Jenner), Kim Kardashian is Kanye West's prisoner and he's controlling every aspect of her life. Saying she's "trapped by a madman", Kanye tells her what to wear, what to say, and what to do at all times. You know, a healthy relationship. Radar Online reports:

Kanye West is aggressively micromanaging every aspect of his baby mama Kim Kardashian‘s life, as an insider says the socialite is “walking on eggshells” — and staying indoors — to appease the controlling hip-hop star. “She has to do what he says — or else,” a source told In Touch, in an article that claims Kim has been “trapped by a madman” who’s doing his all to control her every move. ”She knows the littlest thing can set him off. She knows not to push Kanye too far … she’s doing her best to keep him happy.” Since the birth of his daughter North West June 15, a source told the magazine the Paranoid singer has “brought in more security around the house and won’t let Kim leave.” The intrusion sets into everything from what Kim’s wearing, to what she’s tweeting, insiders say.“When the time comes for her to step out into public, he wants her to be wearing outfits he picked out for her,” a source said. “He’s telling her sisters, mom — everyone — what they can and cannot post on twitter.”

Anything that's leaked about this family is leaked by the Kardashian's themselves, so it makes sense that Kris Jenner would want to portray Kanye West as a controlling monster (much in the same way she slandered Kris Humphries. He was "abusive" and "gay"!) because Kanye refuses to get with the program. The program being Kris Jenner owns your soul and manipulates the media into conforming to well-crafted image that she's the matriach of a hard working family just trying to live their lives while raking in as much money as possible before people realize they are completely irrelevant and talentless and bring not a single thing of value to the world. And since the world is mostly stupid, she's been in the zone since 2005. Kanye West should probably stay away from Vegas from now on. It's the best place to kill a rapper without anybody caring.