Kelly Brook Is Single

Apparently it only takes 7 months to get tired of banging Kelly Brook, because he boyfriend Danny Cipriani has been Anthony Weiner-ing a bunhc of chicks. She's single now. Daily Mail reports:

Kelly Brook is said to have dumped boyfriend Danny Cipriani after he allegedly cheated on her. The model, 33, was horrified when she found messages to other women on the rugby player's mobile phone last weekend, according to The Sun. The former Big Breakfast presenter's discovery came just days after they returned from holiday in Turkey. The Sun claims the Sale Sharks fly-half, 25, was even sending sexy messages to other women while Kelly nursed him back to health after he was hit by a bus in April. The paper also claimed Danny had slept with other women during their seven month romance.

Playing rugby makes you dumb, because the chick he decided to sext everyday works in a store or something.

Sales manager Stacey Simcox, from Birmingham, claims she was bombarded with sexy messages and photos from Danny after meeting him eight months ago. Stacey told the paper: 'He'd send me filthy messages about what he wanted to do to me and begging to meet up for sex. 'It got progressively more explicit and I just thought, "What a rat."' Stacey said she refused Danny's requests to meet up, even receiving an invitation as recently as July 27 – the day he flew to Bodrum with his famous girlfriend. A friend told the paper: 'Danny is absolutely devastated. He just can't believe what he's done – he just wants Kelly back.'

This dude is obviously a moron, but I guess if you're banging Kelly Brook you believe that other kinds of vagina will just fall in your lap. And since girls are in constant competition with each other, this was probably the case. But again, he had an open invitation to be balls deep in Kelly Brook whenever he felt the need. If I was banging Kelly Brook, I'd be trying to learn wizardy so I could find a way to keep my penis hard. I'd probably sacrifice animals and metally handicapped children too idgaf.