Lindsay Left Rehab Early

Lindsay Lohan Rehab


Yesterday, sources claimed that Lindsay Lohan would be staying in rehab longer because she's focused on sobriety, and since we know Lindsay has been focusing on lying longer, she lactually left rehab six hours before her official release time. Hahah, oh that Lindsay!  E! Online reports:

Lindsay Lohan left rehab this evening upon completion of her 90-day sentence for reckless driving and giving false information to a peace officer stemming from a car crash last summer.  Though we heard that her official, yay-freedom release time was supposed to be at the crack of midnight, the actress was photographed leaving Cliffside Malibu at around 6 p.m. She was spotted smoking a cigarette outside the facility before she hopped into an SUV and was driven away.

I don't dabble in the stock market, but now it might me a good time to invest in vodka and cocaine futures. Are those things? Vodka and cocaine futures? Those should really be things that you can invest in I think. If you're a coke dealer in LA, you could go IPO today.