Emma Roberts Got Arrested For Beating Up Her Boyfriend

While we wait for Jezebel to tell us this was somehow her boyfriend's  fault because he didn't know who Susan B. Anthony was, here's a news story that's out today that tell us Emma Roberts was arrested for assualting and BITING Evan Peters in a Montreal hotel room. TMZ reports:

Emma Roberts was arrested for a domestic violence incident in Canada — after allegedly bloodying her boyfriend, Evan Peters … TMZ has learned.

22-year-old Emma — Eric Roberts' daughter and Julia Roberts' niece — was taken into custody early July 7 in Montreal after getting in an altercation with Peters … who stars in "American Horror Story." According to Montreal law enforcement sources … someone called police to report a fight in Evan and Emma's hotel room. We're told when cops arrived … they observed Evan with a bloody nose.  Emma was immediately arrested.  One law enforcement source tells us Evan also had a bite mark. Emma was released hours later because 26-year-old Evan did not want to press charges. Sources close to Emma tell TMZ … Emma and Evan were hitting each other and she was arrested because he had obvious physical injuries. The sources deny Emma bit Evan.

And since gender roles are a real thing, not a myth created by men to subjugate and marginalize women, this just made her a billion times hotter. You mean to tell me Emma Roberts is so filled with the crazy that she'll bite me and break my nose if I don't agree with her. Where do I sign up for the rest of that unfulfilled rage? Awwwwwww yeaaaaaahhhh, son!


Note: Why did he refuse to press charges? Does he live in constant fear that she'll retaliate? Is there a shelter he can go to or a hotline he can call? No? Ok, Good talk, you guys.