‘Lovelace’ Has A Trailer


Hey, remember when Lindsay Lohan was gonna play Linda Lovelace in that movie Inferno? That was fun. Good times, good times. Anyway, here's one of her Mean Girls castmates, Amanda Seyfried, as Lovelace in the first trailer for, well, Lovelace. Pretty solid title. For those of you who don't know who Linda Lovelace is, she was a porn actress in the '70's who became an international star for playing a woman who discovers her clitoris in the back of her throat in the classic porn comedy Deep Throat. Then she spent the whole movie blowing a bunch of dudes with huge dongs. However, before that, Linda Lovelace had sex with dogs in a bestiality porn because her husband and manager, Chuck Traynor, was a sociopathic maniac who forced her into prostitution (sometimes at gun point), beat her incessantly, and yeah, made her have sex with a dog. Then after surviving that, she died in 2002 from massive trauma and internal injuries she suffered in a car accident. I assume this won't be the best feel good of the year.