So, It’s Either ‘Kaidence’ Or ‘Klementine’. Or Neither

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Daughter Birth


Since she can't let any opportunity pass without using it publicity and to keep her name in the news, Kim Kardashian has yet to release the name of her baby even though it's been alive for four days and feeding on the blood of Cambodian orphans. The theory is they will announce it on Friday (to get the maximum attention during a slow news cycle), so until then you're left to speculate. Here's two of those speKulations. Hahahaha, see what I did there??


1.) Kaidence Donda West just got a tip from a nurse at Los Angeles' Cedars Sinai Hospital . . . and they told us that Kanye and Kim's baby name is . . . Kaidence Donda West. It's a beautiful name and a tribute to Kanye's late mother Dr Donda West. And we're told that she is GORGEOUS . . . just like her mama. CONGRATS KANYE AND KIM!!!

2.) Klementine Star West

The newborn’s name could very well be Klementine Star West, which is based on the recent purchases of both domains and Over the last three days those two domain sites have been registered. While that may not be the best indicator, it’s the only indicator we have for now. Also we can take into account that a lot of parents register domain names after their children for legal purposes. Some celebrities have even registered domains to announce their offspring’s name. Another intriguing fact about the name Klementine comes from Kanye West’s song “Mercy.” Of course we all know that Kim Kardashian named her late-cat Mercy after West’s song. A little digging by baby name blog “You Can’t Call It It” revealed that the name Clementine means “mercy,” and the use of the letter K could be a clever tie in.

Of course both names are equally corny and "Klements" is a sausage factory that calls itself "sausage's shining star", so at least the irony won''t be lost.