John Mayer Is Back On These Again

Katy Perry 55th Grammys


So, John Mayer and Katy Perry are back together again. For the third time. Must be true love hahaha jk. The Sun reports:

The stars – who split for the second time in March – are said to be casually dating again. A source revealed: “They are just hanging out. They are not putting a label on it.” The couple were spotted out on an intimate date at the weekend and have spent several recent nights together, according to US reports.

For those of you who need this translated, all this means is that Katy Perry finally understands what she is in this relationship and she has finally accepted John Mayer's profession of love. With that profession being, "Look, I like seeing your boobs on occassion and also like seeing other chicks' boobs on occassion, so let's just hang out and let me see you naked then I'll leave and then I'll text you when I want to see you naked again. I'll string you along just enough that will make you believe that a relationship with me is possible, so you'll be more apt to let me see your boobs because you think THIS time will be the time I finally figure out I can't live without you and I'll fall in love with you. But as I mentioned before, boobs." I hope this clears all this up.