Angelina Jolie’s New Boobs Attended The ‘World War Z’ Premiere

 A week after Angelina Jolie voluntarily had a double mastecomy to decrease her chances of getting breast cancer that seems to love her family, her aunt died of the same disease. But Angelina has new boobs now and her husband had a premiere, so she didn't go to her aunt's funeral. In her defense, her aunt is dead and wouldn't even know if Angelina was there or not, so you can see how this was an easy choice. And as you can see, Brad Pitt seems pretty pleased about the whole thing, because even if she had pictures of boobs as her new boobs, Brad Pitt would just point to her lips and say "I'm good." Then he'd touch them and ejaculate in his pants. Then they'd both laugh and Angelina would do that thing where you make your hand into the shape of a gun then wink.