Katherine Webb Eats 1,120 Calories A Day

Katherine Webb Diet


If you're a female and you're still wondering how to become famous without chloroforming your child or discovering uranium and polonium, you can do it in four simple steps: 1.) Be hot. 2.) Have big boobs. 3.) Be skinny. 4.) Be hot, have big boobs, and be skinny and wear lots of bikinis. Katherine Webb shows you how to complete step 3. People reports:

The 5'11" model revealed that she eats only about 1,120 calories a day (an average menu: homemade smoothie for breakfast, green apple for snack, spinach salad with almonds and strawberries for lunch, frozen yogurt bar for snack and grilled chicken fingers with sweet potato fries for dinner).

Haters gonna hate!

But an expert points out that that she could easily be eating more. "Katherine does an amazing job eating three meals and two snacks, fueling her metabolism," nutritionist Haylie Pomroy tells PEOPLE. But with her workout schedule "she could add at least 600 more healthy calories."

I'm sorry if you're reading this while dipping your Cool Ranch Doritos in chocolate, but don't worry. Your boyfriend loves you just the way you are. haha jk no he doesn't.