Taylor Swift Won Best Achievement In Throwing Shade At Bieber Last Night

The Internet and the Billboard Music Awards would have you believe that Taylor Swift only won 8 awards last night, but that's just how the music industry is manipulating to believe that anything you saw last night was actual music. Okay, that sentence didn't make any sense, but what I'm trying to say is that Taylor Swift proved again last night that she's 12 and probably can't keep a man because she acts like the chick who wants to stop and ask what's wrong while you're having sex if you break eye contact. Damn, that sentence had nothing to do with my point either. Christ, get it together Todd. Long story short, she hates Justin Bieber. In the press room last night she was asked her thoughts on Bieber winning The Milestone Award, and she responded in white girl speak in what is loosely translated as, "Nah, son." She also thinks kissing gross. I could write more, but Jesus this post is a mess. Great job, Todd. No wonder your father left you and has a new family now GAWD.