Farrah Abraham Is Selling This Bikini Used On eBay



Since Farrah Abraham is some kind of Super Whore who is so delusional that she actually believes all of this is "God's blessing", she can still manage to stick a glass dildo up her butt on camera for money while still remaining completely self-righteous in her unquenchable thirst for fame and money. Example: She's selling the bikini she wore on the cover of her porn on eBay. The supposed selling point? It's "used". TMZ reports:

Vivid Entertainment — the porn studio behind the release of "Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom" — listed Farrah's pink crystal-encrusted two-piece on eBay at midnight … and bids started at $500. It's pretty hilarious … the listing advertises the Poolside Collection bikini as "used" — we're told that means exactly what you think it means: the bikini wasn't washed since Farrah wore it.  Think Monica Lewinsky and The Gap. In fact, we're told the bikini shows overt signs of wear, including fake tan stains and glitter from Farrah's body lotion. As the listing goes … "Farrah's bikini … straight off Farrah's body and into your hands."

I'm ok with calling Farrah Abraham a whore since having sex for the sole purpose of cashing a check is the actual definition of "whore". Why don't I call James Deen or other porn stars "whores"? Because they're porn stars. If you ask James Deen what he does for a living, he'll say, "I have sex with women on camera for money." That's his job. There's no pretense or confusion. He's self-aware and doesn't claim to be anything other than that. However, in case you need another reason to hate feminisim, the lovely girls over at Jezebel have turned a manipulative, money-hungry, famewhore into a victim by attempting to tear down another female (Chrissy Teigen) for saying, "Hey, women. Maybe we can be better than this." (read HERE). And even though she didn't need to respond, Chrissy explained herself in a way that man-hating, feminists will never understand. Much like PETA, who won't rest until tigers and wolverines are running wild in city streets, feminists won't rest until a woman can get double fisted in a school zone wiithout shame and if they are, the person calling her a slut will be shot on sight. And that's the inherent problem with feminism, the only rights that matter are the rights of people who happen to have vaginas. Do I believe women should have equal pay? Absolutely. Do I believe religion and archaic traditions have subjagted women? Absolutely. Do I believe women shouldn't have to be forced to choose between having a family or having a career? Absolutely. Do I believe there is a subversive attack being perpetuated by Hollywood that tells men it's ok to rape and kill the pretty white lady (watch any horror movie)? Absolutely. Do I believe that women suffer from discrimination, sexism, and harrasment everyday? Absolutely. Do I believe if I was a woman that I would be scared to leave my house? Absolutely.  Do I believe women should be allowed to play in the NFL? Hell no. Why? Because unlike feminism, I'm not in complete denial of the innate differences between the genders. If your daughter wants to play with dolls, it's not that she's being programmed to fit into a tradional stereotype, she just might like playing with dolls. Forcing her to play with a toy dump truck instead won't magically make her earn more when she's older. And if your daughter calls Vivid and makes a porn then tries to lie and say it's a private sex tape while counting $1.5M, then it's okay to call her a whore.

Note: Dearest Jezebel, not everybody with a uterus is down for the cause. I know it doesn't fit your narrative, but try to keep up with who is a victim and who is not. Farrah Abraham only likes your article as much as Google Analytics tells her to.