Khaleesi Likes James Franco’s Dragon (NAILED IT)

I tried to watch Game of Thrones, but everybody looks the same and that's pretty diffucult to keep up with there's 900 characters and 35 storylines in every episode. But white people love shows about far away lands where no minorities live, so I can undertand why it's a huge hit on HBO. It just seems really unrealistic to me. Like I'm supposed to believe that people have sex at renaissance fairs. C'mon, bro. Anyway, Emilia Clarke plays dragon lady, Khaleesi on the show and she's banging James Franco now. Good times. Page Six reports:

James Franco was seen squiring sexy “Game of Thrones” star Emilia Clarke around Randalls Island Saturday afternoon during the Frieze art fair. Said a spy of Franco and Seth MacFarlane’s ex, “They were looking quite friendly!”

James Franco just pulled out of Ashley Benson and now he's dating this chick. He must pay them in weed.