Kim Kardashian Is Basically Covered In Hair At All Times

If you took all the money the Kardashians have spent on laser hair removal, we could buy all the Chinese child slaves they use to make the Kardashian Kollection weapons, so they could end all this for us, but as it turns out, no amount of money can get rid of all the Armenian whore body hair this chick has. Take a minute to imagine how huge her ass is. Now think  of body hair. I mean the hair you can't see. My apologies if you were eating. TMZ reports:

Kim — the Armenian poster child for laser body hair removal — has famously zapped virtually every follicle from the neck down — but sources close to the reality star tell TMZ, her pregnancy hormones have reawakened the slumbering beast. We're told Kim has recently been forced to wax — something she hasn't done in years — and she's already made appointments to get the new hair growth re-lasered after she gives birth.

Kanye West is banging chicks in Paris already, so Kim was kind enough to give him a headstart on chick's with body hair. But there's something Kim has to tell Kanye. She's not like other girls. Kanye knows. That's why he likes her. No, she means she's different. Kim, you're silly. What do you mean? Kim….Kim….are you…you ok? ROAR RUN AWAY ROAR ROAR RUN AWAY!!! Kanye! It's close to midnight and something hairy's lurking from the dark.