Rihanna Is Still Dating Chris Brown

Rumors surfaced earlier this week that Chris Brown and Rihanna split, as Brown had apparently moved on to another woman to beat (waitress Karizma Ramirez), but Chris Brown must hit pretty hard because the part of Rihanna's brain that tells her to leave this violent, petulant child despite every and all warnings, just wants to hang out with Brown. Cool. Page Six reports:

However, Brown was spotted at the “Diamonds” singer’s Los Angeles concert the night before reports of their alleged breakup surfaced. Rihanna has also recently posted a cozy photo of herself with her hot-headed flame taking a cruise along California streets. "This [bleep] look like a toupee," she captioned, referring to Brown's song, "Look At Me Now."

Look, Rihanna has worked hard not to identify herself as a victim, and if taking him back under her own terms helps her gain some sort of power over her own life then, we should accept that and let her go on this journey so she c…wait, what was that? Did you hear that? Rhianna, did you lock  the door? Wait here. No…no…just sit down. Maybe it's ju..RUN! RUN GUUUURL RUN!!!