Kendall Jenner Is A Birthday Away From Being The New Kardashian Cash Cow

Despite all logic and reasoning, Kris Jenner has pushed to make Kendall Jenner a model. She's also pushed her to wear bikinis at every oppotunity and wear revealing clothing like some Armenian mail order bride. And since Kris' other cash cows are either married, pregnant, or have had their DNA spliced with the great and powerful Kong, she needs fresh meat so her harem can keep pumping out  Sears brand stripper clothes, black girl perfume, and the endless onslaught of "reality" shows that film (and reshoot) every mundane detail of these hookers' lives as Bruce Jenner sits in the back and slowly dies inside. TMZ reports:

Kendall Jenner is less than a year from the most coveted treasure in Hollywood — and her predicted rise to power happens to coincide with her 18th birthday. Strange how that works, eh?

Kendall turns 18 in 207 days according to TMZ, and like a Christian, her sister's vagina was sacrified on video so she could have fame and fortune. Sonext year, prepare to be assualted with Kendall as Kim, Kourtney, and Kong are all taken out back and shot or whatever Kris specified in ther contract. The only good thing is that we don't have to worry about Kylie. To be honest, I don't even think she's a real person. I'm pretty sure they just made her up.