Victoria’s Secret Fired Miranda Kerr

INSOLENT FOOLS BRING ME THEIR HEADS. Calm down, Todd. Breathe. C'mon, you can do it. Breathe. That's right. Breeeaathe. That's it. You're doing fine, buddy.  Us Weekly reports:

According to multiple sources, Kerr, 30, is being let go as a Victoria's Secret Angel after her $1 million, three-year contract "was not renewed." The reason for the sudden split? One source tells Us that Kerr "has a difficult reputation."…"They can still use her for catalogue, where she will get a day rate, but she doesn't have to be an Angel to do that," the first source said.

A "difficult reputation"? A reputation for what? Making dudes die from boners? I saw her in a commercial once and doctors say I was techincally dead for ten minutes.