Kanye Is Probably Be Cheating On Kim With This

Ok, so here's the thing about pregnancy: It's gross. It's really gross. I realize it's supposed to be some kind of miracle, but it's just a bodily function. Reproduction is something that any living being on Earth can do, but since we're humans, we've made it all about us, even though dog shelters exists because dogs are out there fucking and pumping them out faster than a Mexican Mormon. Anyway, Kim Kardashian is fatter and grosser now because she's pregnant, and that's just not cool with Kanye's penis, bruh. So he's banging some chick named Iggy Azalea who sounds like she got her name from a Wu-Tang Name Generator, but keep in mind, she's a tight blonde with abs.  Examiner reports:

Last year Kayne West and Kim Kardashian were just embarking on their relationship journey. West chased Kardashian for years. According to Celebrity Laundry on April 7, it looks like now he’s wishing he never laid eyes on her. The April 15 issue of Star magazine also published reports that Kanye is “turned off by Kim, they've stopped having sex. She is being selfish; she doesn't care what she’s doing to her relationship.” Kim might be putting her beauty and cravings first instead of her baby and baby-daddy causing strife in their relationship. West is taking a step back from the relationship. While Kim stays in Los Angeles pigging out on food hoping to land an after-baby weight loss contract, Kayne decided to go to Paris to hang out with his new gal-pal, Iggy Azalea. Iggy is blonde and tiny; the perfect type for West. Since West is seriously lacking in the sexual department and so turned off by Kim, Kardashian swears West is abandoning her for an affair with Azalea.

It's really hard to feel sorry for Kim since she cheated on her husband with Kanye. And brokered her own sex tape for fame. And uses Chinese child labor to make stripper clothes for Sears. And the fact that she's an overall horrible monster for several other reasons. So, bang away Kanye. Hats off. No, wait, I mean hats on. You already got on pregnant. So defintely hats on. Yeah, hats on.