Sophie Turner Says Good Morning In A Pool

Sasquatch 2013: Bloc Party

My love for Sophie Turner has been pretty documented, so whenever she posts a picture on Instagram, I post it here because she’s usually in a bikini or wearing a skirt or jeans that are desperately clinging to her legendary ass. I just like Sophie because she really doesn’t pretend. Like in this picture. We all know she’s not going swimming. Why is she in a pool? Because in pools you wear bikinis and if you have huge, perfect boobs, you should find any excuse to wear said bikini. Even if you’re in full makeup and earrings and some guy named Fredrick just spent three hours doing your hair. The guy’s name may not be Fredrick, but Fredrick sounded like the gayest possible name to me while writing this. His name might be Jerry, who knows. Sorry Jerry if that’s the case.