Never Rent Anything To Ashley Greene

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Even though the fire that destroyed Ashley Greene‘s condo was ruled accidental, some of her neighbors were disappointed when she wasn’t found inside. TMZ reports:

Multiple sources in Ashley’s West Hollywood condo building tell TMZ … the actress was an utter nuisance — they say her unit was a revolving door for her fellow actors, friends and others who came and went in the middle of the night. The people who lived below Ashley say there was so much commotion above them they had trouble sleeping. On top of that, residents complained that Ashley didn’t control her dogs — which were incessant barkers. We’re told residents complained to building management, but nothing happened.

This condo is in West Hollywood, so I’m not sure what these people were expecting. People are rude there. It’s also right by the Whole Foods where Scott Bakula gave me the stank eye at the breakfast bar. Maybe it’s because I apologized for “quantum leaping him in line”. In hindsight, I think that was probably it. Yep. That was probably it.