Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Maxim’s “Hottest Cover Girl Ever”

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Because of her April 2012 Maxim cover here, Jennifer Love Hewitt was named “Hottest I just said it in the headline”. Radar Online reports:

Wrapping up competition to commemorate Maxim’s 16th anniversary, Jennifer Love Hewitt beat a who’s who of Hollywood hotties to capture the title of Sexiest Cover ever for her April 2012 spread, as voted on by thousands of the magazine’s readers. “Oh my God, I’m so excited, I think it’s really awesome, I’m such a big fan of the magazine,” the 34-year-old sex symbol, who triumphed over Christina Aguilera, Jessica Alba, Olivia Wilde and Mila Kunis for the honors, told the magazine. “At 34, to be considered sexy is a big deal,” Hewitt told the magazine, laughing. “Because you start to wonder. “I promise to keep it sexy,” the former Party of Five star said, adding, “I want another cover! I’ve done four, and I think I’ve got a good seven covers left.”

First, I didn’t realize that Maxim was still a magazine. Secondly, there really isn’t a secondly, I guess. My dog just threw up on my couch, so excuse me if I can’t share in Jennifer Love Hewitt’s excitement at this time.

Update: In case this story couldn’t get any sexier, Jennifer Love Hewitt is now freezing her eggs.