Justin Bieber Fans Sent “17,000 Hate Tweets” To Olivia Wilde

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Speaking for the entire world, Olivia Wilde went on Twitter to tell Justin Bieber to put his fucking shirt on, because, well, have you seen the dude without a shirt? It’s pretty embarrassing. But what Olivia failed to understand that Justin Bieber fans constantly refresh Twitter looking for anybody who dares insult Wigger Grand Supreme. (via New York Post)

After Wilde’s tweet, members of Bieber’s army responded in force. She shared some of the vitriol on “The Tonight Show.” “One of them was, are you a lesbian or are you too old? And it’s great, because it’s a question I never asked myself before,” Wilde, who is engaged to Jason Sudeikis, said. “This one was interesting: ‘Put your shirt over your mouth.’ Which, I’m assuming, is a Shakespearean insult.”

This isn’t the medication talking, but after this, I would very much like to prove that Olivia Wilde isn’t a lesbian. Call me. Let’s set something up. I have a bottle of wine around here somewhere.