Kanye Won’t Let Kim Sign Autographs

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Because women love when their boyfriend’s control and micromanage their lives, Kim Kardashian is no longer signing autographs because Kanye West forbids it. Yes, you red that right. Radar Online reports:

“Doing a TV show with your family, it’s really hard to hide or be guarded. Besides, we don’t want to film a show if we can’t be who we are, because that’s just too much work.” However, she shares that dating Kanye has changed the way she wants to live her life going forward. “My boyfriend has taught me a lot about privacy,” she claims. “I’m ready to be a little less open about some things, like my relationships. I’m realizing everyone doesn’t need to know everything. I’m shifting my priorities.” One way this has translated into her everyday life she explains, is by being “more selective when fans ask for her photograph in airports or when out to dinner, especially when she’s with West,” claims the magazine. “I just tell them, sorry, but my boyfriend won’t let me!” Kardashian says.

Oh good. I’m so glad Kanye finally talked her into this, because as we all know, all the Kardashians’ want is to live quiet, private lives and to keep every aspect of their lives guarded. Just because they have ten reality shows and call paparazzi to let them know where they’ll be every minute of the day, they just want to be left alone as they have two-hour wedding specials and pull Kendall and Kylie from school so they can get a head start on whoring. Just leave them alone, guys. Haven’t they suffered enough?