Lindsay’s New Lawyer Already Hates Her

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In 2010, photographer Grigor Balyan claimed Lindsay Lohan hit him with a car while leaving a Hollywood nightclub, and since Lindsay is involved, we can probably believe him. He’s suing her, but the lawsuit has gone nowhere, because Lindsay has failed to show up and sit for a deposition despite numerous requests. You’d think he would just contact her lawyer, but as it turns out, Lindsay doesn’t return her lawyer’s calls. TMZ reports:

Now, attorney Julia Azrael — who represents Lohan in this case — has filed documents … insisting she shouldn’t be held responsible for Lindsay’s disappearing act. Azrael writes, “I have made many efforts to convince Lohan to appear for her deposition. I do not know how to reach her directly.” In the docs, Azrael claims she has to go through Lindsay’s other lawyer, Mark Heller, to get through to Linds — and says Heller’s been stringing her along.

I’ve never been to law school, so I won’t begin to know how to tell these lawyers how to do their jobs, but have they tried tying either a bag of coke or a necklace and just waiting? All they really have to do is wait. Two to three hours tops.