Lady Gaga Demands That A Mannequin With Pink Pubic Hair Be in Her Dressing Room

30 Seconds To Mars - KROQ Weenie Roast, May 18 2013 (Johnny Firecloud)

BREAKING: Laday Gaga is insane. Celebuzz reports:

The document, which was revealed in court documents during a six-hour deposition Gaga gave in a lawsuit involving her former assistant Jennifer O’Neill – which Celebuz was first to reveal in Aug. 2012, also noted that a “manquin [sic] with puffy pink public [sic] hair” be present in her backstage suite. “[With] silver statins [sic] draped over the walls,” the document noted of her dressing room, adding that “old rock posters from her favorite artists [like] David Bowie, Queen, Elton John and Billy [sic] Holiday,” and “fan art that was kept on the road” also be hung around the room. Other dressing room accoutrements include all the luxuries of home, plus one that has relaxing properties for the on-the-go superstar: 2 large fluffy lavendar [sic] towels; 2 lavendar [sic] hand towels; 2 lavendar [sic] wash cloths, which must be available to the pop star “at all times”; lavendar [sic] handsoap, body wash; face soap; 2 new seafoam luffas; small candle in the bathroom, fresh yellow, lavendar [sic] or white roses; and a steamer. All of these requests are only a small fraction of Gaga’s complex — and costly — tour.

No fresh human blood? That's weird. I totally thought I'd see that at least twice.

photo credit = WENN