Katherine Webb Leaks Her Own Press, Is Kinda Dumb

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Hey, remember when Katherine Webb went on Twitter last week and said she was going to be in the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition then immediately deleted it? But it was retweeted so many times that SI was forced to confirm it? Then think back when other chicks have said they had picked to be in the issue. You can’t, because chicks chosen to be in the swimsuit issue aren’t allowed to say, you know, they’re in the swimsuit issue. But of course she’s humble and pure, so jumping the gun and nutting herself to tell everybody that she’s going to be in a bikini in a magazine, because that’s apparently part of god’s plan.

SI.com: How surprised were you to get the call from Sports Illustrated?

Webb: I was completely dumbfounded. It was so shocking to me because literally overnight I go from being AJ’s girlfriend and going to support him in the championship game to being on every major media news outlet. It’s just so surprising to me. I don’t know what God has planned, but obviously he’s working on something.

SI.com: So it’s safe to assume you said yes right away when you got the call?

Webb: Oh, my gosh. Absolutely. I’ve been approached by different publications, but I think a lot of America appreciated how classy I was, and I got a lot of responses saying I was America’s sweetheart and all that kind of stuff. I’m from Alabama and I have morals and I have class. That’s my personality. A lot of people have said I’m the anti-Kim Kardashian and I’m all right with that.

Basically all I got from this article is that she’s exactly like Kim Kardashian except for the whole black guy thing. Because she’s from Alabama and she has morals and class and probably a lower back tat of Jim Crow laws.

source = SI.com