Taylor Swift Has Already Written Five Songs About Harry Styles

Two days after the news broke that she was dumped yet again, Taylor Swift tweeted this. If you’re doing the math at home, she wrote a song for every 13 days they were together. Sun reports:

HEARTBROKEN Taylor Swift has already penned FIVE songs about her break-up with Harry Styles — despite the couple only splitting a week ago. The American singer is back in the studio and deciding whether to release more tracks about another failed showbiz relationship. Grammy winner Taylor, 23, has just had a No1 hit called We Are Never, which is rumoured to be about Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal. And the star — who only dated One Direction pin-up Harry, 18, for 66 days — also pulled out her poison pen for US singer John Mayer in song Dear John. A source revealed: “Taylor writes music in the same way that other women chat to their friends on the phone. “It’s been how she deals with her emotions for most of her life. “Harry and Taylor only dated for a short time but there were very strong feelings, so it’s been a tough comedown.” The source added: “Lyrics have been written, but Taylor hasn’t come close to deciding whether she’ll ever release them. A song about it will surface at some point but it won’t be anything like the way she had a dig at her other ex John Mayer in one of her other tracks.”

Taylor Swift has been attached to 13 dudes in 4 years, so is she really looking for love or trying to set a world record in imaginary bridal registries? Stop asking dudes to pick out baby names on the first date. Stop buying a house in their neighborhood on the third. Get a tan. Find out why your eyes look Asian. Chill with the bangs. Stop dating dudes based on whether you can check them out of school. Learn a new kind of song. Maybe think about implants. When a guy shows interest in you, go home and practice your sane face in the mirror the same way you do your “I’m so shocked to win this award” face. Watch more Investigative Discovery. Get a cat. Get two cats. I can’t think of anything else right now, but stay away from dick for a while.